A96 car crash victim fights his claim with Digby Brown Inverness

A82 Inverness

Mr M was travelling to work on the A96 from Inverness to Aberdeen one morning when a driver travelling in the opposite direction lost control of his vehicle and veered into his lane, crashing into his car.

Mr M sustained injuries to his back, leg, face and chest. He was also diagnosed with a psychiatric injury.  As a result of this, he missed several weeks of work and needed help and assistance around the house from his partner.

Mr M came to Digby Brown’s office in Inverness seeking compensation as he was in no doubt that he was not responsible for causing this car crash.

Our Inverness solicitors made an injury claim against the other driver’s insurance company. However, the insurance company failed to respond to Digby Brown saying whether they accepted fault for the car accident or not.

This left our solicitors with no choice but to raise court proceedings on behalf of our client.   Several expert medical reports were gathered to determine the impact of our clients serious injuries from the accident.

Under Digby Brown’s Compensate “no win no fee” funding scheme, they paid for all of these expensive reports because they believed our client was not at fault for the accident, even though the other driver was not admitting responsibility.

After reviewing all of the medical reports and the evidence relating to Mr M’s wage loss, the insurers made an offer of £7,125. Our solicitors knew Mr M was legally entitled to more for the injuries he had sustained and advised Mr M. He agreed to reject the offer.

Shortly after, an increased offer of £9,200 was received, which again did not fully compensate our client for his injuries and losses.  Mr M trusted our expert advice and rejected the offer.

At a pre-trial meeting between our solicitors and the solicitors acting on behalf of the other driver, a settlement was discussed and they said they were unable to increase the compensation sum any further.  Our team felt that the final offer was still not enough to fully compensate our client, so our team prepared to go to court to ensure that he received a fair settlement.

Shortly before going to court, the insurers came back with an increased offer of £10,435 – over £3,000 more than the original offer.

Our Inverness solicitors knew this offer was within the range a court would award Mr M for his injuries and he was delighted to accept.

Despite the insurance company ignoring the letter of claim and failing to provide an offer that was appropriate for the injuries faced by Mr M, our Inverness solicitors were persistent in their quest to obtain the compensation that our client was entitled to.

Getting the right legal advice can make the difference in ensuring you receive the compensation you are entitled to.