Accident at work aboard tanker vehicle in Lanarkshire

Man looking out to sea

As part of his duties at work, Mr X. was required to transport waste material in a tanker vehicle to a landfill site in Lanarkshire. Mr X. was required to clean the inside of the tanker. The only way to do this was to climb over the back of the tanker and then climb inside it

While trying to clean out a tanker, Mr X. slipped and landed on a sharp metal handle attached to a valve on the tanker. The handle penetrated his scrotum. Mr X. was taken to hospital in an ambulance and received stitches.

Following the accident, Mr X. experienced difficulty driving as the vibrations from a vehicle caused him pain and discomfort.

His employers repeatedly ignored Mr X.'s request for compensation. Thankfully, because of the help he received from Digby Brown, Mr X. was able to obtain £1,500 in compensation.