Accident at work case settles for 3 times the original offer

People at work in the office

Mr W from Fife was left injured after an accident at work when he tripped over an upturned carpet tile left by his employer on the floor of his office .  Mr W injured his lower back and was left suffering from an exacerbation of his chronic mechanical low back pain which had been troubling him prior to the accident.  In addition he suffered from an Undifferentiated Somatoform Disorder which was expected to take one and a half years to fully resolve. 

Prior to litigation, an initial offer of £4,313 was rejected on the advice of Digby Brown and Mr W started court proceedings.  A further offer of £10,000 was subsequently received which again, Mr W rejected.  After further negotiation the case settled for £15,000.  By following the advice of Digby Brown, Mr W increased the initial offer by 350%.  He was fully protected by his legal expenses insurance throughout the case meaning that at no point was he at risk of having to pay any legal expenses to his opponent, even if he did not better any of the offers made.  In addition, Mr W did not require to attend court himself. 

Mr W rated the service he received from Digby Brown as 5/5 and said that he would not hesitate to return to us or recommend us to others.