Accident at work causes fractured skull to employee on building site

Workers on construction site

Mr M. was working as an apprentice within a small team constructing a farm building in Scotland. Following instructions from his senior colleagues, Mr M. was helping with manoeuvring large concrete panels - weighing approximately two tonnes - into place using a crane.

Panel breaks loose

All was going well  until one of the panels broke loose from the bindings attached to the crane.

The panel swung towards Mr M. and crushed his head between the panel and a concrete wall.

After being taken to hospital it became clear that he sustained a skull fracture and unfortunately was left permanently deaf in one ear from the accident.

Employer denies liability for accident

After initially accepting part of the responsibility for causing the accident, the employers then robustly denied liability for the injury sustained.

Digby Brown managed to obtain over double the original offer

After contacting Digby Brown Mr M. was seen by a number of medical experts and our personal injury lawyers were able to obtain an award of £40,000 for Mr M. after a successful court action.

This was all funded through Digby Brown’s no win no fee funding model, Compensate. This enabled our lawyers to build the best personal injury case against his employer to prove they were at fault. Mr M was never asked to pay a penny towards expenses during the case.

The compensation Mr M received for his injuries from the work accident was over double the original offer made by his employers insurers.