Accident at work secures 4 times more compensation

Workers on a construction site

Our client, an electrician, contacted his local solicitors after he suffered a nasty injury to one of his hands in an accident at work.

His local solicitors referred him to us here at Digby Brown Solicitors. As specialists in accident claims we are well suited to assist in cases like this. Our Dundee personal injury lawyers met with our client and noted a detailed statement about the accident circumstances.

Accident at work was avoidable

It was apparent from the outset that our client’s accident had been preventable. Someone else’s negligence had led to him tripping over a length of pipe which resulted in him falling and suffering a cut to his dominant right hand. 

Our client explained how the accident impacted upon his ability to carry out his work which required him to use fine movements of both hands. Also, it affected his lifelong hobby of golf.

Insurers admit guilt but compensation too low

Our solicitors in Dundee contacted his employers and their insurers and secured an admission of liability.

At this point, the insurers also made an offer of compensation at £1,750. Our advice was that this offer was far too low. Our client instructed us to raise a court action on his behalf to secure him the compensation that he deserved.

Court ensures fair compensation

His case was raised in a Specialist Personal Injury court in Edinburgh. The solicitors for his employers made not one, not two but three offers before our advice was that the amount was reasonable.

Ultimately our client recovered four times the amount of the initial offer, securing £7,000 in compensation for his injuries and losses.

Whilst he still suffers the effects of his injuries he is managing to adapt his work practices and more importantly to him, his golf is almost back to the standard it had been prior to his accident.

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