Accident on Glasgow road secures 6-figure compensation with Digby Brown personal injury solicitors

Police Car with lights on

One morning in November, our client was heading to work when he was suddenly hit by a car in Glasgow.

He was transported by ambulance to the Western Infirmary where he went into intensive care. The injuries he received were extensive, including a complex pelvic fracture, multiple broken ribs, collapsed lung, and numerous other fractures which have involved multiple surgeries.

These injuries will mean he is in pain for the rest of his life, especially if he exercises which he used to do often, impacting on his sleep and well-being - with some injuries beyond repair.

Unsurprisingly, the injuries he sustained as a result of the car accident have impacted on his ability to work. At first, he returned to work on a phased return and increased his hours to full time a little while thereafter. However, he tires easily now and finds it difficult to concentrate.

He also suffers from pain throughout the day and needs to take regular breaks to relieve the pain. He was unable to take an exam at work which meant he also lost out on a promotion. This has had a significant negative impact on his career as the result of his accident injuries and has resulted in him changing jobs.

A family member was also required to move into his home to help care for him – such as helping him to bed, wash and dress, and this resulted in them also losing income as they were unable to work.

Using our expertise in personal injury law at Digby Brown, as well as our extensive experience in this area, solicitors within our Glasgow office secured six figure compensation settlement to help account for the effect this car accident has on our clients life.

We see the very real and life-changing consequences of car accidents caused by irresponsible driving far too often. In addition to doing everything we can to help people unfortunate enough to be injured in an accident on the road, we are closely involved with Brake – the road safety charity.

On 23rd November, Fraser Simpson, Partner at Digby Brown Solicitors and Scottish spokesperson for Brake, will be attending the Glasgow launch of Brake’s ‘Drive less, live more’ campaign as part of their Road Safety Week. This campaign aims to reduce the risk of accidents by having fewer cars on the road – reducing pollution and raising public health in the process.

Learn more about clients we have helped after an accident on the road or learn more about Digby Brown's involvement with Brake, the road safety charity.