An all too common occurrence of a stationery vehicle being hit from the rear

Car in front breaking

Mrs M. was involved in a road traffic accident when she halted her vehicle because the vehicle in front had stopped. As a result, her vehicle was struck from behind. 

Impact of car accident

Mrs M. sustained a soft tissue type injury to her neck and back and required physiotherapy treatment to help with her recovery. 

She was also unable to work for a period as a result of her injuries from the car accident.

Car injury claim against driver

Mrs M. came to Digby Brown's personal injury lawyers for help with a claim,

After raising the claim, an initial offer of £3,500 was made by the third party's insurer. 

However, this offer was rejected as it did not fairly compensate Mrs M. for her injuries and losses.

Injury claim taken to court for fair compensation

Using Digby Brown's no win no fee funding, Mrs M's injury claim was raised in the Court of Session. This meant our solicitors had the funding in place to fully prepare her case in court but at no financial risk to our client.

The case settled in advance of the Proof date for over double the initial offer at £7,500.