Award for client unable to pursue her chosen career after accident

Traffic on the motorway

Our client was involved in a road traffic accident in Edinburgh and came to Digby Brown Solicitors for help making a claim for compensation.   

Impact of road accident injuries

Our client sustained soft tissue injuries to her chest wall, neck and back as a result of the road accident.  At the time of the accident, she was employed in sales positions in two companies. 

She suffered a loss of earnings as a result of the accident and was restricted around the home with household chores and, initially, with personal care. 

Our client underwent physiotherapy which resolved her neck pain, but her back pain persisted, and, in fact, worsened, being aggravated on certain activities. 

The pursuer (our client) was diagnosed with a soft tissue injury to her back which was to continue for the medium term. 

She was unlikely to be able to cope with any job which required prolonged standing, had a heavy manual component or significant repetitive light manual duties, restricting the options available to her in the employment market.

As well as having to be more careful at work on her return, the pursuer continued to experience ongoing pain in her second job, eventually giving this up. She was also unable to pursue her modelling career. 

As a result of the accident, the pursuer suffered intermittent ongoing back pain, which has persisted, despite her undertaking various treatments and painkillers. 

Compensation for injuries and loss of earnings

The case went to proof (a formal hearing in court), after which the Judge in the case awarded our client over £18,000 in compensation for her injuries, loss or earnings and disadvantage in the employment market.

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