Car accident claim switches law firms to Digby Brown Solicitors for compensation

Car In Front Braking in Traffic

Our client was hurt in a car accident when she was driving home from her work in Falkirk, Scotland. Initially she went to another law firm for her car accident claim but later switched to Digby Brown Solicitors Edinburgh office as she was unhappy with the way her original solicitors were dealing with her case.

How did the car accident happen?

The accident occurred when the other driver was racing with another car along the opposite side of the carriageway and attempted to overtake the car in front. He pulled out from his lane into our client’s lane, appearing directly in front of her on her side of the road. Both their cars crashed head on.

Car accident claim

Initially, her claim was dealt with by another law firm. They referred her for a medical report a mere month after the car accident happened which was too soon to properly assess her injuries and any long-term impact.

They also advised the client that her claim would likely have to be dealt with through the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) as the other driver was uninsured. This firm of Solicitors valued her compensation claim in the region of £2,800.

Client switches to Digby Brown personal injury solicitors in Edinburgh

Our client was unhappy with the way her personal injury case was being dealt with by the other car accident law firm and decided to get in touch with Digby Brown following a recommendation.

In order for Digby Brown’s Edinburgh office to take over the claim, we had to pay the other law firm firstly.

How Digby Brown’s specialist car accident solicitors helped

Upon taking over her case, we immediately requested a police report which showed that the other driver was in actual fact insured which meant we could claim compensation from the insurance company of the driver - not the MIB.

Our client has been left with visible scarring, ongoing symptoms in one of her knees and chest and she continues to experience discomfort in her hips. We ensured that our client was seen by an Orthopaedic medical expert and plastic surgeon for the scarring as well as paying for physiotherapy sessions to help her heal.

Our client also experienced nightmares and flashbacks of the car accident as well as apprehension about driving. We referred her to a psychologist for counselling to help her deal with what happened and move on from the car accident.

We also accounted for the large wage loss she suffered from when she was off with her injuries from the car accident as well as other expenses such as a city break which she had paid for but could not go and a services claim for the help and assistance she required around the house.

Car Accident Compensation

In the end, her car accident claim settled for £27,250 – almost ten times more than what the other law firm had valued her claim at.