Caustic solution cause burns to face and wrists

Man looking out to sea

This case was an accident at work on 15 April.  The client was working with the defenders and was instructed to attend to a leaking pipe on site.  The client attended the area and was looking to confirm whether the leak was coming from when he was sprayed with caustic solution from the pipe.  He sustained chemical burns to his face and wrists.  He had been provided with protective equipment but this did not fit correctly. 

The claim was intimated to the defenders and liability was strongly denied.  The insurers contended that the client had been fully trained in health and safety and also was provided with full and correct equipment.  They also contended that he had returned to the area of the pipe and was acting without waiting for the area to be isolated and was essentially off on a frolic of his own. 

We raised an action and the case settled for £7,000.