Client awarded compensation after driver crashes into her house

Hands on steering wheel of car

Our client suffered a blunt force trauma and psychological injury when a driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed through a fence and into her neighbours’ garden. The force of the impact propelled a fence post and debris through her ground floor bedroom window which struck her as she slept.

She had recently undergone major surgery and was understandably shocked, confused and devastated about the injury she suffered and the damage sustained to her home.

How did Digby Brown Solicitors in Dundee help?

She came directly to Digby Brown Solicitors in Dundee for legal advice and help. We reassured her and arranged expert medical opinion in respect of her injuries. We began negotiations with the drivers’ insurers and liability was eventually conceded.

We successfully settled her case for £13,000 and she was delighted saying:

“Thank you so much for all your help and for making the process as pain free as possible.”

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