Client dismissed from work comes to Digby Brown for help

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Digby Brown’s specialist employment solicitors acted for an employee who raised a claim for unfair dismissal against a large UK gas distribution company.

Why was he dismissed at work?

Our client was dismissed after being involved in a serious incident when another employee entered a property without the owners’ permission in an area of Glasgow. Prior to the incident, he had a clean disciplinary record throughout his 15-16 year employment with the company.

The Gas company had dismissed him for gross misconduct, claiming our client had been involved in the incident although another employee had come forward and admitted he was the only one involved and our client had no knowledge of what he was doing.

Decided to pursue unfair dismissal claim

“I wanted to pursue a claim for unfair dismissal as I felt it was unjust and unfair to be sacked as I had no involvement in what happened. I didn’t want the company to just get away with how they treated me”

Digby Brown employment solicitors

The pursuer (our client) came to Digby Brown who supported his claim for unfair dismissal. A solicitor within our employment team in Glasgow represented our client throughout his case.

Service from Digby Brown’s employment team

Our client was delighted with the service he had received from Digby Brown’s employment team.

“My solicitor was excellent, he really kept you informed throughout the case and did a great job – would recommend him to anyone.”