Client unfairly dismissed wins case against West of Scotland local authority

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Digby Brown Solicitors’ specialist employment solicitors acted on behalf of an employee who raised a claim for unfair dismissal against a large local authority employer.

Why was he dismissed from work?

Our client was dismissed after being involved in a serious accident on a site in Hamilton. Prior to the incident, he had a clean disciplinary record throughput his employment with the local authority.

The local authority had dismissed him for allegedly breaching health and safety rules, causing him to be involved in an accident.

Another employee who was also dismissed for the same incident raised an unfair dismissal claim using another firm of solicitors.

A third employee, also involved in the incident, had not been dismissed from work.

Unfair dismissal claim with help of employment solicitors at Digby Brown

The pursuer (our client) came to Digby Brown’s specialist employment solicitors who supported his unfair dismissal claim.

Employer opposed unfair dismissal claim

His employer opposed the claim and refused to make any offers of settlement as the case progressed.

Case taken to Employment Tribunal on employment solicitor’s advice

On the advice of Digby Brown’s employment solicitors, the pursuer took his case to a 4-day hearing in the Glasgow Employment Tribunal.

The claim taken by the other employee, using another firm of solicitors, was dropped.

Employment solicitors help with unfair dismissal claim at tribunal

Our employment solicitors represented our client throughout his unfair dismissal claim and during the hearing before the Employment Tribunal, calling witnesses to give evidence and making legal submissions on his behalf.

Tribunal concluded he was unfairly dismissed by local authority

After considering the evidence in front of them, the Tribunal concluded that our client had been unfairly dismissed by the local authority.

It accepted the arguments advanced by Digby Brown’s employment solicitors and rejected the defence put forward by the council.

Compensation for unfair dismissal

Our client was awarded fair and appropriate compensation and commented that he was delighted with the outcome and the service he had received from Digby Brown’s employment solicitors.