Client unhappy with previous solicitor comes to Digby Brown Edinburgh

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A man injured at work transferred his case to Digby Brown's Edinburgh office after two frustrating years with a different firm of Solicitors and received a settlement many times more than what his original solicitors were prepared to settle for.

Mr M was injured at work while he was unloading a delivery from a lorry at a bakery in the North East of Scotland. The pallet truck he was using to unload the delivery was not working, a fact he logged in order to bring it to the attention of his employer.  As such, the pallet truck did not lower the pallet to the ground properly and the wheels of the pallet truck remained engaged.

As our client placed his pallet truck with the pallet onto the tail lift of the lorry and started to lower the tail lift to the ground, the pallet truck rolled free, striking Mr M. The impact knocked him off the tail lift onto the ground outside. He landed on the kerb and went over at an angle, sustaining soft-tissue injuries.

Following the accident at work, Mr M spent two years with a different firm of Solicitors handling his claim for compensation. During this period, his solicitor entered into protracted and fruitless correspondence with the third party insurers in an attempt to secure an admission of liability. This was despite having advised our client that they were experts in personal injury law.

At the time of Mr M's work accident certain regulations were in force to protect him when he was at work. His employer's breached those regulations and had no scope to escape liability. They were strictly liable for the work injuries sustained by Mr M and they had to compensate him, even if they denied liability.  Despite this, his previous solicitor advised Mr M that his case was likely to fail.

Immediately upon Digby Brown's Edinburgh office taking over the file, proper investigations into Mr M's injuries commenced. In the opinion of the medial expert which Digby Brown instructed to assess the compensation case, the soft tissue injury sustained when he went over on his ankle would cause him symptoms of pain for up to five years.

Workplace injuries like this affect individuals in many ways.  In this case, Mr M had difficulty bearing weight on his ankle after the accident and required two months off work, losing out on earnings as a result. He required help from his parents with personal care and day to day living activities and was unable to return to his pre-accident hobby of playing football.

Once we had established the full facts and commissioned proper medical evidence, court proceedings were raised and a compensation offer that properly and fairly reflected Mr M’s work injuries was received without the need for him to attend court.  In fact, Digby Brown settled the case for almost 6,000% more than the previous law firm's valuation of the case.

How did our client feel about the outcome?

He wished he had started his case with Digby Brown Solicitors from the very beginning.  It would have resolved without two years of unnecessary delay. He was grateful to Digby Brown for not giving up and successfully settling the case, even when his first solicitor thought it was a lost cause.

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