Client's life ten years on shows the difference fair compensation can make

Woman getting advice from solicitor

At Digby Brown, we understand that an accident that wasn’t your fault can affect many areas of your life for years afterwards.

There will be some things that compensation can’t replace but we know the difference that having financial security can make and will do everything we can to get every client the compensation they deserve.

Our clients tell us about the difference compensation has made to their lives –  the email reproduced below is from a client whose case settled ten years ago but whose life continues to be improved by the compensation Digby Brown secured. The case was managed by Sue Grant, Digby Brown partner and head of our Clinical Negligence Department.

Dear Sue

Ten years ago, on 14 January 2003, a new life began for me when my case settled out of court just before it was due to be heard at the Court of Session. I remember hugging you and shaking hands with our Advocate - today I'd probably hug him too!

It's just over 15 years since a heavy panel fell on me while at a sports centre in Edinburgh. Shortly afterwards, you may remember, you took on my case and worked tirelessly on my behalf until that January day in Parliament Hall. Since then, I've had frustrating problems from time to time but I've also had some very happy times and have had a fair bit of success with my new pastime, writing. And thanks to the settlement I have been able to recover without having to worry about money.

I'd just like to thank you once again for all your hard work and also for your personal support in a dark period of my life when, looking back, I was in a very fragile state.