Coach driver causes accident in Italy

People at airport waiting to board flight

Mrs B. was a school teacher injured on a school trip in Italy.

How did the accident abroad happen?

She was travelling on a coach with school children when the Italian coach driver lost concentration and drove into another vehicle.

She was propelled from her coach seat which did not have a seatbelt and sustained a wrist injury.

Accident abroad claim

Mrs B. decided to make a claim for her accident abroad and the injury she sustained.

After reviewing personal injury companies, she decided to come to Digby Brown

Accident abroad claim time-barred in Italy

When Mrs B. consulted with Digby Brown about making an accident abroad claim, her claim was time-barred in Italy.

Accident abroad claim

However we were able to raise Court Proceedings against the trip organiser in Scotland allowing Mrs B. to gain access to justice and rightful compensation for her injuries.