Compensation after serious back injury after cyclist is hit in park

Cycling in the Spring offroad

At the time of the accident our client was a teenager with learning difficulties and was on a local authority led summer outing.

How did the cycling accident happen?

This involved an organised trip to a local beauty spot in the Trossachs where bikes were hired.

Our client was told by council workers that the cycle route would be traffic free.

As our client was travelling along the cycle route, she unexpectedly encountered a van travelling in the opposite direction.

She was knocked from her bicycle and sustained a serious back injury fracturing several vertebrae.

Impact of cycling accident injuries

As she would have permanent problems with her back she would find it difficult to do certain jobs in the future and therefore she would be disadvantaged when looking for work.

Cycling accident claim

Our client came to Digby Brown for help with making a cycling accident claim.

Council failure to properly research/risk assess the outing

Our personal injury solicitors raised proceedings in the Court of Session against the local authority for their failure to properly research/ risk assess the outing and give appropriate advice to our client.

Liability was strongly disputed by the council

As the council refused to admit fault, our personal injury solicitors raised the case in court.

Cycling accident compensation of £110,000

Our solicitors were successful in securing a settlement of £110,000 for the cycling accident.

This was not a straightforward case on liability and the client was delighted with the end result.