Compensation after slipping injury is caused by lack of proper footwear

Working in the snow

During severe winter weather in Scotland, Mr X was sent by his employer, a local authority, to work outside collecting refuse bins.

Due to the poor conditions he slipped and fell sustaining injuries to his back.

The weather might be outside of anyone’s control, but that does not mean employers shouldn't take positive action to protect employees, especially those performing an important public service.

Personal injury claim against council

With the support of Digby Brown, Mr X raised a claim against  the council, arguing that had he been provided with suitable footwear for his work, his accident  would not have occurred.

Despite having to work in some of the worst winter weather in Scotland for a number of years, the local authority's solicitors argued that our clients normal boots where more than sufficient and no extra effort was required by them to secure their employee’s safety.

Liability denied and court proceedings raised

With liability for the accident denied, Digby Brown raised court proceedings.

Our specialist personal injury solicitors at Digby Brown were able to confirm not only the availability of specialist winter footwear but that the Council had even trailed such footwear before our client’s accident but failed to provide it to their staff.

Expert evidence allowed us to build a strong case for our client and successfully settle his case for over £5,000.