Compensation for accident at work in Edinburgh hair salon

Woman Looking Out Window

Mrs H. slipped on a wet floor at her workplace, a hair salon in Edinburgh, suffering a nasty forearm fracture.

Impact of accident at work injuries

She required external metalwork to re-set her forearm bones and to help the fracture heal.

She subsequently developed a skin disorder at the site of the metalwork which spread across her body.

Accident at work claim with Digby Brown

She instructed Digby Brown to represent her in her accident at work claim for compensation.

The defenders admitted that they were at fault but refused to accept the full consequences of her injuries.

Raised accident at work claim in court

A court action was raised and specialist dermatologists instructed to investigate the skin disorder and prove that Mrs H's injuries were due to the negligence of the hair salon.

The defenders eventually accepted full responsibility for her injuries in the days before the court hearing in the Court of Session and settled her case at a value of well over £10,000.