Compensation for couple in road accident in Scotland

Police Car with lights on

Zena and John Shand, aged 66 and 69 at the time, were driving along the A7 in Edinburgh when they were involved in a road traffic accident, causing injury to both Zena and John.

John was heading straight over the road after the traffic light had turned green when a white transit van hit them from the driver’s side, going over their bonnet and causing the car to spin multiple times.

The other driver had been accelerating through a red light and had failed to see them behind another van which had been turning right.

Road traffic accident injuries

All seven air bags were deployed and the impact of the accident knocked John unconscious. Zena struggled to see and was in and out of consciousness. Emergency services were called, the road was blocked off and the roof off the car had to be taken off in order to get them out and to the hospital.

Zena was initially diagnosed with soft tissue injuries. She had pain in her right leg and knee which was later diagnosed as a fracture. John suffered from a chest injury and later found out he had a broken rib.

“At the beginning, I was elated to be alive but as it progressed, I got more despondent as my knee didn’t get any better.

“I wish the car accident had never happened. We managed to go over 50 years without ever being in a road traffic accident, and at our age, your body doesn’t heal as well as it used to. I don’t think my knee will ever be the same again.

“What makes it worse is that this accident could have been avoided. I accept that mistakes happen when you are driving, but this was caused by someone else’s carelessness”

Road traffic compensation – how has it helped?

John and Zena decided to get in touch with Digby Brown for their road traffic claim following a recommendation from a police officer who attended the accident.

The car had to be scrapped after the accident which meant they lost a considerable amount of money. They also lost all their spectacles and subscription sunglasses as they were broken in the accident and these needed to be replaced, costing almost £1,000.

“I couldn’t believe the amount of compensation we received and so pleased with how quickly the road traffic accident claim was settled. We were able to use the money to pay off the lease of the car and other bits and pieces so we are a bit more comfortable.”

How would they rate Digby Brown for their road traffic claim?

“I would recommend Digby Brown Solicitors to anyone, especially Gail McGinn who dealt with my personal injury claim. She was a star - did exactly what she said she would do and in the timescale she gave. Gail was helpful and approachable throughout and I'm glad I took up the recommendation given to me by the WPC who attended my accident. With grateful thanks to the team.”

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