Compensation for survivor of sexual assault from manager

Woman sitting on bench

Specialist lawyers at Digby Brown represented a survivor of sexual assault, securing justice for her traumatic ordeal.

Our client was sexually assaulted by her manager, who she had been working with for several years. He would often make sexual and sexist remarks to female employees and was known for his volatile temper.

The assault happened after a social work lunch with colleagues one Friday, which was a regular occurrence. At the insistence of their manager, they had all continued drinking back at the office in the afternoon. When her colleagues left, our client stayed back to broach a work related matter with her manager. He took advantage of the situation and carried out a serious sexual assault.

The assault has had a long lasting psychological impact on our client and her ability to work. She gave up her job and suffered from fear and anxiety of bumping into her attacker.

Our personal injury lawyers pursued a civil claim and the application to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) for the sexual assault.

They were successful and our client was awarded compensation amounting to a five figure sum, enabling her to access the help she needs to try and move on from the trauma.