Container door which injured client should never have been used

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Mr V. worked for a demolition company when he was injured by a container door at work.

How did the accident at work happen?

The door of a container was defective and sprung open causing injuries to his shin.

It had been brought onto the premises to be disposed of as scrap but his employers were using it as a container for expensive metal.

The door and closing mechanism of the door had been damaged in such a way that the closing mechanism required to be forced into place and as the client was closing it, it sprung out and injured his calf.

Accident at work claim

Digby Brown's personal injury solicitors raised a claim against the employer for negligence but they denied the accident occurred and disputed liability.

Initial offer rejected

Our solicitors initially received an offer of abandonment from the employers which was rejected.

Expert report proved door was defective

We obtained a report from a forensic engineer which was extremely helpful in showing that the door was defective.

The door would never have "sprung" back if the door was not faulty.

Successfully secured compensation for accident at work

We were successful in securing damages in the sum of £6,000 for the pursuer, essentially a full liability offer.