Couple exposed to hazardous fumes at hotel spa

Hotel Spa

Attending a spa is supposed to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. However, this was not the case for one couple.

Mr and Mrs B from the highlands attended a Hotel for a day away with a pre-arranged spa treatment and use of the pool and spa facilities. 

During the course of the visit, Mr and Mrs B suffered chlorine inhalation when attending the pool and spa facilities. 

The couple suffered irritation to the eyes and airway.

Compensation for negligence of hotel employee

An employee of the defenders treated the pool with the wrong type of chlorine. Initially, Mr and Mrs B were only moved out of the pool area and left in harms way, until the true risk became apparent and evacuation ensued.

This mistake caused injuries to the couple and the hotel was vicariously liable for the negligent actions of the employee.

In the end, with the help of Digby Brown Solicitors in Inverness, Mr and Mrs B received an offer from the hotels insurers as compensation for their injuries.

Quote from Inverness lawyers at Digby Brown:

“The couple had gone away for a relaxing break but sadly they were exposed to hazardous fumes which caused them injury.

“Although this was simply a mistake made by the employee at the hotel, the hotel were ultimately responsible for the training and actions of their staff, and matters could have been a lot worse.

“We hope the offer made by the hotel can help compensate the couple for their upsetting experience and injuries, and also prevent anyone else being injured in this way.”