Cycling accident in Edinburgh proves fault for maximum compensation

Cycling on the road in Autumn

Mr F sustained a fractured shoulder blade and a soft tissue injury to his hand when he was knocked from his bike by a car that turned across his path during his daily commute to work in Edinburgh.

Cycling accident impacts on his life

Mr F was unable to drive for a lengthy period, take his children to school or support his family as he had done before the accident.

How Digby Brown’s specialist cycling solicitors helped

Mr F contacted Digby Brown following his cycling accident and his case was allocated to a personal injury solicitor that specialised in cycling accidents.

Expert investigations

Mr F’s solicitor undertook various investigations including speaking with witnesses and the reporting police officer. A specialist medical report was instructed from a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.

Force insurers to deal with his cycling accident claim

No response was received from the car insurers after a claim was initiated and the case was raised in court to force the insurers into dealing with his claim.

Shortly after, liability was admitted by the driver. However, the defender’s solicitor argued that Mr F was partially at fault for his cycling accident.

An initial offer for compensation was made of £3,825 based on a 75/25 split on liability - suggesting Mr F was 25% to blame for the accident.

On our advice, a decision was taken by Mr F to reject this offer for compensation and we proceeded taking the case to court.

The insurers then made an offer of £6,000 – over 50% more than the initial offer - shortly before the court hearing which Mr F then accepted and his case settled on that full liability basis, highlighting that Mr F was not at fault for the accident.

Our specialist cycling solicitor said: "Unfortunately, motor vehicles turning across the paths of cyclists is a common occurrence. We have helped many injured cyclists like Mr F when they've fallen victim to other road users not keeping a proper look out and fail to see a cyclist with the right of way.

"Sadly in cases like these, injuries can often be serious and debilitating, not to mention the damage caused to the bike and other cycling equipment. However, with our cycling team on hand to put rehabilitation into place and offer expert advice on the recovery of damaged property and other losses, we pride ourselves in getting the best result for cyclists like Mr F"