Cyclist secures double the first offer after being knocked off bike

Man looking to camera

Digby Brown’s solicitors in Ayr acted for Mr Anderson after he was involved in a cycling accident after a car knocked him off his bike.

Driver claims he didn’t see cyclist

The car had stopped in the middle of the road and was indicating to turn right as Mr Anderson was approaching with right of way. As Mr Anderson approached the junction, the car began to turn into the road.

After swerving to miss the car, Mr Anderson lost control of his bike and fell. He fractured his collar bone and nose as well as various cuts and bruises.

The driver stopped and claimed that he had not seen Mr Anderson despite the fact that he was wearing several pieces of brightly coloured clothing.

Insurers delay admitting fault for cycling accident

Mr Anderson contacted Digby Brown and specialist solicitors in our Ayr office took on his cycling accident claim, and subsequently dealt with the driver’s car insurers.

After a significant amount of time, and despite the driver admitting fault at the scene of the accident, the driver’s insurers eventually advised that the driver denied liability and claimed he was not at fault.

The insurers tried to argue that Mr Anderson had been speeding and riding a bike that had the wrong type of tyres for the weather conditions that day. They claimed that this was the reason that Mr Anderson lost control of his bike.

In spite of the driver’s insurers denying liability for the cycling accident, they still made an initial offer of compensation of several thousand pounds.

Ayr solicitors achieve double the first compensation offer

After Mr Anderson spoke with our personal injury solicitors in Ayr about the first offer he decided to reject the offer as our solicitors were confident that Mr Anderson was not at fault.

With expert legal advice, and the right personal injury solicitors fighting on Mr Anderson’s behalf, this cycling injury claim settled for double the first compensation offer.