Delays in delivering baby established as cause of death

pregnant woman

Medical negligence solicitors at Digby Brown help Mrs W after delays in the delivering of her baby established the cause of death.

Medical negligence during delivery of baby

Mrs W was around 35 weeks pregnant and began to experience abdominal pain and severe vaginal bleeding.

Ambulance to local Maternity Unit

On admission to the local maternity unit she was examined and it was observed that her clothes and underwear were saturated in blood.

Mrs W had suffered a placental abruption

She was attended upon by a series of midwives and doctors before the baby was delivered by emergency caesarean section.

Emergency caesarean section

The baby was stillborn and resuscitation was required.

Unfortunately the condition of the baby deteriorated and she was pronounced dead the following day.

Medical negligence claim for delays in delivery

Digby Brown's medical negligence solicitors successfully pursued a claim in respect of the delay in delivering the baby.

Full compensation was awarded to Mrs W and her family.