Deliberate policy by insurance companies to try and under-settle claims

Traffic on motorway

Our client was involved in a road traffic accident where another lorry collided with the rear of the lorry he was driving along the motorway.

He sustained a neck sprain, with referred symptoms into both upper limbs and a ligamentous strain to his right wrist.

His symptoms had largely resolved within 12 months but during this time he was restricted in the work tasks he could perform and what he was able to do at home such as gardening.

Personal injury claim for compensation

Our client contacted Digby Brown Solicitors to purse a personal injury claim against the lorry driver.

The lorry driver’s insurers admitted liability for the road traffic accident and the insurers initially offered our client £2,700 in settlement of his claim.

However, our solicitors are specialists in personal injury and advised our client that this offer was not a fair offer for his injuries and losses.

This offer was subsequently rejected by our client.

Personal injury claim raised in court

A court action was then raised to secure fair and just compensation for our client.

Litigation in court can be costly but using our no win no fee funding, Compensate, our client did not have to worry about the expense or pay for these costs.

The insurers then made a formal offer of £3,500.

Insurance company continued to try and under-settle the personal injury claim

On the basis that the insurers were attempting to under-settle the case, Digby Brown’s personal injury solicitors ran this case to Proof to further pressurise the insurers to make the best offer to compensate our client.

In the end, our client was awarded over £4,000 by the insurers - with interest.

Our client said: “Thank you for handling the claim and for your guidance and support. Much appreciated.”