Detailed medical evidence leads to settlement much higher than initial offer

Throttle of a motorbike

Mr L was riding his motorcycle when a car pulled out of a junction without giving way. Liability was admitted, and the offer made by the defenders to settle his claim was £25,470. We did not consider this to be a fair offer, and recommended that a court action be raised. Mr L was advised that because of the injury he had, and the disruption to his life following the accident (he wasn't able to look after his young daughters), that a jury trial should be sought.

The medical evidence was unclear to start with – Mr L had been told that part of his on-going pain was due to carpal tunnel syndrome, but the tests that had been carried out on the NHS weren't conclusive. We arranged for detailed nerve conduction studies to be carried out by a neurophysiologist, and the orthopaedic hand surgeon was able to confirm that Mr L's symptoms were in fact due to the accident, not carpal tunnel syndrome.

Digby Brown were able to settle this case for £60,000. The jury trial was set down for October 2013, but we were able to hold a meeting with the defenders agents much earlier, and negotiate a settlement.

Mr L had never made a claim before, and was reliant on our advice throughout. He said that he found us to be really good at explaining what was happening every step of the way and giving clear, understandable, advice.