Digby Brown fight your corner, insurers won’t

Traffic in town

Kelly was injured in a road traffic crash in Edinburgh when she was hit side-on by another car while she was travelling with her young 3-year old child.

After her accident, Kelly was guided by her car insurers to use her ‘legal protection cover’ for her personal injury claim.

The solicitor who dealt with her case failed to represent her well, leaving her with only £1,500 compensation, far lower than the level of compensation that properly and fairly reflected her injuries.

Digby Brown’s specialist personal injury solicitors in Edinburgh secured over 6 times this offer by gathering the right medical evidence and knowing the true value of what Kelly was entitled to.

“I had never been through the process of making a claim before so when I contacted my car insurers about my car, they told me I had legal protection which was there for injury claims and that’s when Parabis stepped in.

“But it was a nightmare. You couldn’t get hold of anyone and they never called you back. They just wanted you in and out, and for you to accept the first offer and go. They weren’t interested in what happened – no service there at all.

“My friend told me to get in touch with Digby Brown and it went from there really.”

Personal injury solicitors at Digby Brown

Kelly’s case was taken up by Partner and specialist personal injury solicitor at Digby Brown’s Edinburgh Office, Simon Hammond.

“The service was so much better at Digby Brown. I met face to face with Simon Hammond and he’s been brilliant from the very start.

“This was all new to me but he explained everything and answered my questions. The legal system is a minefield but he explained it really well and kept me up to date to make sure I was kept right.

“He told me what he believed I was entitled to and he did everything he could to get this for me. You just knew they were doing everything they could to do the best for you.”

The right medical evidence to support injury claim

Kelly was sent to a GP by Parabis for an examination of her injuries after only 6 weeks which was far too soon to know the real impact her injuries would have in the future.

On taking the case, Digby Brown obtained a specialist report from an orthopaedic surgeon who had more expert knowledge about Kelly’s injuries and the likely impact this would have on her in the future.

Persistent at securing me the compensation I was entitled to

Digby Brown Edinburgh negotiated as hard as possible with the insurer - including raising a court action and pressurising them into 4 offers before eventually reaching a level that was acceptable.

“I was really delighted with the outcome – I didn’t think I would get that much. The other company suggested I accepted as little as £1,500 and expected me to accept that.

“With Digby Brown each time the insurers came back with an offer we chatted about it but ultimately it was my decision. He did the very best he could do to get me what I was entitled to and you knew they were fighting your corner for you.

“I’m really glad I went to Digby Brown and didn’t stick with Parabis. I would definitely recommend Digby Brown to anyone as you know they will do what is right for you and you will get the service you deserve.”