Discharging patient after misdiagnosis causes death

Doctor looking at notes

Mrs B’s husband suffered a large pulmonary embolism which was wrongly diagnosed as angina by hospital staff.

Misdiagnosis at local hospital

Mrs B's husband was treated at hospital with a course of anticoagulant treatment before his death.

A month after he completed his treatment, he suffered a severe shortness of breath during his nightshift at work and collapsed.

Diagnosis as angina at local hospital

At the end of his shift he attended the Accident & Emergency Department of his local hospital.

He was examined by a Senior House Officer (SHO) who diagnosed probable angina and prescribed him a GTN spray. 

Discharged patient from hospital

The Senior House Officer discharged Mr B from hospital to be followed up by his GP.

Died at home from pulmonary embolism

Mr B went home from the hospital but collapsed again and died that evening. 

The cause of death was pulmonary embolism.

Clinical negligence claim for misdiagnosis

Digby Brown pursued a clinical negligence claim on behalf of Mrs B and other members of the family for the medical misdiagnosis.

Our clinical negligence solicitors successful recovered full compensation for the death.