East Ayrshire fatal accident at work compensation for partner

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We recently represented a woman after her partner suffered a tragic fatal accident at a local skip company in East Ayrshire. When he was opening the yard that morning, the iron-gate came down on top of him, crushing his chest and causing his death.

This was a devastating blow to all the family, with the effects still felt today. They lost a loved one as the result of a work accident that could have been prevented if the correct workplace health and safety protocols had been in place.

His partner contacted a local lawyer in East Ayrshire to find out if she could claim for compensation. They passed the personal injury claim across to lawyers at Digby Brown Solicitors as they recognised our specialist personal injury knowledge in this area.

His partner did not believe she could receive any compensation for this fatal accident as although they had been together for almost 30 years, they were not married. However, she wanted to find out where she stood legally and get some answers.

Secured settlement for family

Our expert personal injury lawyers kept her informed throughout the case, supporting her daughter when she became unwell and gathering the evidence that highlighted and reflected her relationship with her partner so her fatal injury claim could proceed.

The company our client’s partner was working for admitted liability for the incident that caused this tragic loss of life.

Our specialist lawyers in fatal accidents were able to negotiate a six figure settlement for her pain and suffering and loss of help and support.

She was happy with the compensation that she was awarded, as she did not expect that type of amount and it has helped make her more comfortably financially.

We have a great deal of experience with handling fatal work claims to ensure proper compensation is awarded to family members. We appreciate that this is a difficult time and will support and help you sensitivity at all times.