Edinburgh personal injury solicitors secure compensation for shopping centre accident

People in a shopping centre

Our client was an elderly woman who suffered an accident when she was walking through a shopping centre in Falkirk. She slipped on ice cream which had been dropped on the floor by a child just 30 minutes before. As she slipped on the ice cream she fell to the floor fracturing her hip which required over a week in hospital and a hip replacement.

A previously active lady, she volunteered in a local charity shop and lived an independent life.  Since the accident everything has changed. She is now essentially housebound, only venturing outside with the assistance of her family. She has lost all confidence and is unsteady on her feet.  She requires the use of a wheelchair over longer distances and the medical opinion is that she is unlikely to improve. These are the types of very real effects accidents caused by negligence can have on individual’s lives.

Compensation claim for shopping centre accident

Our client originally went to a firm of solicitors in Livingston to make a claim for compensation for the shopping centre accident. Unfortunately, they lacked the funding required to go to court and gather the evidence needed to secure compensation. The client came to Digby Brown personal injury solicitors in Edinburgh to take her claim forward.

How Digby Brown's personal injury solicitors proved negligence

Immediately, Digby Brown Solicitors was able to use their exclusive funding package, Compensate, similar to no win no fee, to go to court and gather the CCTV footage required to prove the case of negligence.  The shopping centre’s insurance company refused to release the footage to Digby Brown so court action was necessary. 

Once our Edinburgh solicitors had the footage, it confirmed that shopping centre staff did not carry out any inspections of the area where the accident happened for a number of hours beforehand. If they had a proper system of inspection in place to protect their customers, the ice cream could have been cleaned and the accident could have been avoided. 

Personal injury funding, Compensate, vital to case success

Had it not been for the benefit of the funding provided by Compensate it would not have been possible to gather the evidence needed to win the compensation case without placing our client in a position of significant financial risk.

Our client's first solicitors were not able to properly progress her case due to the lack of available funding. Their initial involvement only served to delay the case for compensation. 

In our view it is imperative that if you have been injured in an accident that you receive not only specialist legal advice, but also access to our exclusive Compensate funding package which allows Digby Brown to ensure all cases are thoroughly investigated and evidence is gathered without financial risk to our clients.

Digby Brown’s solicitors in Edinburgh were pleased to report that the case ultimately settled for a five figure sum, giving compensation to our client for her injuries and the negative impact on her life.

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