Employment solicitors resolve dispute with settlement agreement

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Digby Brown’s specialist employment solicitors helped an employee after changes to their role had a devastating impact on their life.

The change in the job role meant they were travelling most days and having to leave home at 5am in the morning and not getting home until late in the evening.

With a young family, this put a great deal of pressure and stress on the family.

In the end, our client was signed off work by their doctor due to stress.

Unable to return to work

Our client’s confidence was at an all-time low and they did not feel able to return to work.

They got in touch with Digby Brown's employment solicitors for help as they didn’t know where to turn. 

Our solicitors could see that it was clear that returning to work was not an option. As our client had been with the company for many years, there was a good case for a settlement agreement.

Settlement agreement

A settlement agreement can offer a clean break between an employer and employee where a potential dispute may exist.

The employee agrees not to pursue an employment claim and the employer will often pay compensation.

Negotiated a settlement agreement of £20,000

Our employment solicitors secured our client over £20,000 which included notice period, holidays and compensation for the treatment they received.

Our client said: “Thank you for everything you have done I cannot say how your support and belief in me has meant so much.”