Establishing fault helped motorcyclist receive rightful compensation

Throttle of a motorbike

Mr F. was out riding his motorcycle with a group of friends near Dundee when a car driver drove straight across a give-way junction.

Mr F suffered various injuries including a fractured shoulder blade and wrist, multiple rib fractures; soft tissue injuries and concussion, contusions to his arms and a strain to his right knee.

Motorcycle accident claim

Mr F came to Digby Brown for help making a motorcycle accident claim.

Driver denies liability

On raising the claim, the car driver denied liability, arguing that Mr F. had been speeding and had caused his own accident.

Established fault for motorcycle accident

Digby Brown’s motorcycle accident solicitors spoke with the various witnesses, the police officers who attended the scene, and instructed a specialist reconstruction report to establish who was at fault for the motorcycle accident.

Rightful compensation on full liability basis

The motorcycle accident claim settled on a full liability basis with compensation amounting to £14,000 after a court action was raised for Mr F.