Fatal accident claim to find out the circumstances of road traffic accident

Police Car with lights on

Mrs M. and her family consulted Digby Brown Solicitors regarding the death of her son who died in a road traffic accident in Scotland. 

The family wanted to know how the road traffic accident happened and what the circumstances were around the accident and the tragic consequences.

Fatal accident claim to get answers

Digby Brown’s Solicitors raised the fatal accident claim against the driver. As part of the process, we were able to investigate the road traffic accident and how it happened.

Argued victim was not wearing a seat belt

The defenders initially argued contributory negligence on the basis that an allegation that the deceased wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. 

Fatal accident claim goes to court

Digby Brown raised court proceedings in the Court of Session. Our personal injury solicitor enrolled for a jury trial.

In the end, the family were able to get answers and the claim settled for a significant six figure sum in total for the family.

Digby Brown specialist personal injury solicitors

At Digby Brown, we understand the devastating impact a road traffic accident can have on an individual and their loved ones.

We have been helping families after fatal road traffic accidents get answers and where appropriate, compensation.

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