Fife client receives six-figure sum after shoulder injury

Man Hole Cover

Our client in this case, a female in the Fife area, approached us after she tripped on a temporary manhole cover being used by Fife Council, breaking her shoulder.

The client had initially pursued a personal injury claim for compensation herself.  Solicitors for Fife Council made her an offer to settle the case for £5,000.  At this point, she approached Digby Brown to seek a second opinion on whether this was a fair offer.

Having investigated the case fully, we concluded It was not. When we informed the defending insurers that we had taken on the case, we immediately received an increased offer of £10,000.

The client’s medical problems worsened, she developed an infection in her shoulder which meant it could not be replaced, leaving her with greatly reduced mobility and totally reliant on her husband for assistance in cooking, cutting up food, dressing and other daily tasks. Unfortunately, during the case, he died.

To make sure our client received what she needed, we commissioned a ‘future needs assessment’ to evaluate the level of support and compensation she would require as a result of her injury and change in circumstances. The personal injury claim settled at a pre trial meeting for a six figure sum, many times the original offer that had been made before the client came to Digby Brown.

Following the result, our client described themselves as ‘over the moon’ with the outcome and described the day she had walked into our Fife office as on the best decisions she had ever made.