Foot injury aggravated after fall at work

Woman looking to camera

This lady was involved in an accident at work after she had returned to work following an operation on her foot and was using crutches.

Accident at work - how did it happen?

The work space lighting automatically dimmed at the end of a shift and on leaving her desk at the end of the shift, and in the dim light, the client tripped over a footstool that had been left in the walkway hitting her injured foot.

This trip meant that her already injured foot would take longer to heal than originally anticipated.

Accident at work claim

She consulted Digby Brown who attempted to reach a negotiated settlement with the insurers for her employers.

This proved fruitless and liability was continually denied.

Raised the case in court

Digby Brown raised Court proceedings in the Court of Session and the defenders eventually made an offer of £5,000 to compensate our client.

Following further negotiations, the accident at work claim eventually settled for £6,000.