Getting you all the help you need after an accident

Woman getting advice from solicitor

A solicitor from Digby Brown's Kirkcaldy office speaks about a recent accident at work claim which highlights the psychological as well as the physical impact an accident can have and what we can do to help.

How did the accident at work happen?

My client was working as a janitor for a Local Authority in Kirkcaldy.

One of her jobs involved manually moving a large industrial steel bin which weighed approximately 200 kilograms. She had not been trained on moving the bin and it was not safe for her to do.

When pushing and pulling the bin into the bin store one day the weight of the bin threw my client off her feet, forcing her to land heavily on her right knee and right shoulder.

The bin rolled down a slope towards my client who managed to duck; thankfully the bin was prevented from running her over when it collided with a nearby parked car, causing the car a lot of damage.

My client was stuck in a gap between the bin and the car.

Injuries from the accident at work

As a result of the accident at work my client suffered physical and psychological injuries.

She experienced flashbacks of her accident and the bin rolling towards her and also intrusive thoughts as to what might have happened if the car had not been there.

Digby Brown help with recovery and compensation

I was able to arrange physiotherapy for my client and a psychiatric evaluation; both of which helped her injuries immensely.

Correspondence with the Local Authority and their insurance company was such that they refused to admit liability for causing my client’s accident but agreed to make her an offer. The offer they made was £4,250.

Raised the claim in court

After discussions with my client I advised her that the best course of action was to raise a court action against the Local Authority.

The solicitors acting for the Local Authority quickly admitted that their clients were at fault for my client’s accident at work and her injuries.

They also made an increased offer to my client of £6,500 - roughly one month after raising court proceedings.

Compensation for accident at work 

I advised my client that this offer was far better and reflected her injuries accurately.

My client was delighted to accept this increased offer.

From start to finish my client’s case was settled in just under one year.