Health and Safety failings caused accident on football pitch

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Our client was playing football with friends on a local council run football pitch in Scotland when he was injured in an accident.

How did the football accident happen?

The pitch was poorly maintained and the client fell, suffering a fracture to his wrist that required surgery.

Football accident claim for compensation

Our client was off work for several months as a result of the injury to his wrist and his injuries have also hindered the career opportunities available to him in the labour market.

He decided to contact Digby Brown to pursue a claim against the local council.

Local authority in Scotland refuse to accept responsibility

However, the local authority refused to accept our client’s claim and the case went to Court.

Court held local authority responsible for football accident

The Court held that the pitch did not comply with health and safety standards and constituted a hazard.

The Court awarded our client over £19,000 in compensation.