Hit and run accident causes severe brain injury

Police Car with lights on

Digby Brown was instructed by mother and daughter, who were both injured when they were pedestrians walking along a road in Erskine. 

How did the hit and run happen?

They were injured when they were walking to their local church.

Due to the weather conditions, they required to walk on the road rather than the grass verge beside the road. There were no footpaths available to use.

As the daughter was walking along Park Drive, she was struck from behind by a motor vehicle driving along Park Drive.

It was a hit and run accident and the vehicle did not stop.

Police made no formal charges

Police investigated the road traffic accident but they did not issue any formal charges.

Digby Brown pursue civil claim

We were instructed by both mother and daughter to pursue a civil claim for damages against a third party, who was the individual the police believed was the driver involved in the accident.

The daughter sustained a severe traumatic brain injury. Proceedings were instituted at the Court of Session.

Defenders agents denied that the first defender was the driver

Digby Brown's brain injury solicitors carried out extensive investigations to prove liability, which was complex as the investigations by the police were never completed.

Despite the significant risk that the court would find that there was no liability against the third party driver, or if the court did find the first defender liable, the pursuer would be found to have significantly contributed to the accident, we were able to secure settlements for both clients.