Holiday in Lanzarote ends in head injury

Holiday pool area

Mrs H. was on a package holiday in Lanzarote when she was injured in an accident abroad.

How did the holiday accident happen?

She was on her way to the buffet section within her hotels restaurant when she slipped on cooking oil spilt on the marble floor.

The hotel had set up a temporary cooking area in the dining area and had been spilling cooking oil on the floor during the course of the evening.

Holiday accident caused head injury

Mrs H. sustained a head injury and the rest of her holiday was ruined.

When she returned home, she contacted Digby Brown's Foreign and Travel solicitors.

Claim made against holiday provider in Scotland

We were able to make a claim for compensation against the holiday provider in Scotland and achieve a successful outcome.

One of the biggest benefits for Mrs H. was that she did not have to raise the claim in a court abroad and deal with foreign legal systems.