I definitely recommend Digby Brown, it was an excellent service

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Our client was heading along a residential road in Fife when a delivery truck, which was two vehicles in front of him, came to a sudden stop. Both cars managed to stop but then the truck began reversing, pushing the car in front into our clients car.

“I didn’t have a clue what to do. I could barely put my socks on, I was in so much pain. Once I went to the doctor and they diagnosed that I had whiplash, the prescription helped with the pain. My dad had to help me a lot, I wouldn’t have been able to cope on my own.”

Our client’s job meant he was on his feet most of the day which he found difficult with his injuries.

“I was put on lighter duties at work which made things easier.

“A colleague had said I should make a claim as it wasn’t my fault. I hadn’t thought about it but they suggested calling Digby Brown. I’d seen adverts on the TV and heard them on the radio so I decided to give them a call.”

After meeting with specialist solicitors in our Kirkcaldy office, his mind was put at rest.

“The process was really easy. I met with the team in the Kirkcaldy office and they kept me up to date with everything. They made me feel really comfortable.”

Insurers question that injuries were caused by the car accident

The company that owned the delivery truck questioned whether or not our clients injuries had been caused by the accident as his car had not been damaged.

However, our team knew this was because it was a low velocity impact which meant specialist medical evidence was needed. After submitting reports from our experts, the insurers accepted liability.

“The advice was really good. We sat down in the office and talked everything through. It was excellent being able to get in touch whenever I had any questions.”

Kirkcaldy solicitors submit a pursuer’s offer

Our Kirkcaldy solicitors entered in a Pursuer’s Offer to the other side. A Pursuer's Offer effectively advises the insurers of the sum our client would accept to settle the case.

If the insurers do not accept the pursuer's offer, and our client is awarded more than the offer, not only do they have to pay our client the full award, but they also have to pay an additional sum in compensation to our client.

In the end, the insurers came back with a counter offer, which our solicitors felt was fair for the injuries that our client had suffered and our client happily accepted.

“The team were great at keeping in touch with what was going on. It was really helpful being able to talk through the offer with the team.”

“I would definitely recommend Digby Brown. It was an excellent service. I can’t think of any fault, everything was great.”