I would recommend Digby Brown for an injury claim

Taxi and cars on the road

Susan was almost home when a driver attempted to overtake her as she turned into a private road, hitting her side on.

“I’d never been in a car accident where the airbag had gone off before. I remember instantly feeling heat on my arm and I was jerked sideways, damaging my back.

“I have a high pain threshold but some days are worse than others and I’ve been brought to tears on certain occasions.

“I still receive physiotherapy today, years after the accident.”

"Nightmare to deal with insurers directly for injury claim"

Susan tried to deal with the third party insurer directly for almost 15 months.

They initially provided physiotherapy sessions but then they refused to give any more and offered £3,400 in compensation.

“I had to fight with the insurers for every appointment with the physio and then it just stopped – but I wasn’t fixed.

Insurers compensation offer wasn’t enough

“I will have ongoing issues with my back and have been paying for physiotherapy to help – and the original compensation offer the insurers made wasn’t enough to cover that.”

Service from Digby Brown was faultless

Susan then came into our Dunfermline Legal Clinic for help as she was unhappy with this and the medical report insurers obtained for her.

Adelle Walker, personal injury solicitor in our Digby Brown Kirkcaldy office, dealt with the injury claim on Susan’s behalf.

“The service was excellent, Adelle was amazing, I couldn’t fault her. She kept me informed throughout and the whole process was easier.

“When I dealt with Adelle, it was the first time I felt like someone actually cared.

“When I was dealing with the third party insurers they were just trying to get me off the phone as quickly as possible."

Injury claim covered private physiotherapy

“Before going to Digby Brown, I had begun paying for private physiotherapy as I didn’t want to be in extreme pain basically. Adelle got my receipts and included this in the claim so I wasn’t out of pocket.”

Three time more compensation with Digby Brown

Our Kirkcaldy solicitors were able to raise the initial offer to £4,234 – but this still didn’t properly compensate Susan for her injuries and losses.

As such, the offer was rejected and her injury claim was raised in court. The insurers increased their offer to £9,000 which was accepted and the case didn’t need to go to a court hearing.

“I don’t think I would have got anywhere if I continued dealing with the insurers myself – it was only because I went to Digby Brown that I got so much more that their first offer.

“I’m very happy with the compensation and I would definitely recommend anyone to go to Digby Brown.”