In fatal accidents it is all about finding out the facts

Police Car

Digby Brown’s specialist personal injury solicitors helped a family after their teenage daughter was knocked down and killed by a third party driver while she was crossing the road after getting off a school bus.

Digby Brown investigated how the collision happened

Every fatal accident is a tragic situation which as well as causing grief and loss, leaves the people affected with many questions about what happened and why.  We were instructed in this case principally to try to investigate precisely how the collision occurred.

Our personal injury solicitors felt that the blame for the collision should be attached to the third party driver. This was on the basis that she has failed to properly modify her speed to take account of the fact she was passing a school bus where children were visible, a reasonable precaution that all drivers should take.

Specialist report and witness statements

To fully investigate this tragic incident, we arranged for specialist reports to provide a reconstruction the collision and took statements from all witnesses present.

Disputes over who was responsible for accident

Ultimately, despite intense disputes on liability, the case settled for a modest amount.

Achieving a settlement meant the family did not have to go through the ordeal of a full court hearing but got answers to the questions they had about happened, which was the most important outcome for them.

The client said:

"I cannot begin to tell you what this means to me and the children.

“I know I will never truly know the full details of what happened that day, but you have given me something that is priceless and for that I thank you.

“Without you I would never have known as much details as I now do."