Industrial accident in East Lothian

Factory floor

Mr N. was working for a firm manufacturing aircraft parts in East Lothian when he was struck in the face by a metal rod he was using.

The rod burst through the guard of the drill he was using to protect his face.

Mr N. had been told to use a makeshift tool as the original drill he was supposed to use for the job was broken.

Impact of accident at work

Mr N. suffered from painful swelling and bruising to the right side of his jaw, which required him to take anti-inflammatory medication for two weeks. 

A dental bridge over his upper incisor also fell out and had to be replaced at Mr N.’s expense.

He was also advised he may require further dental treatment in the future.

Accident at work claim

His employers denied liability for the accident and said the accident was Mr N.’s fault.

With the help of the specialist advice he received from Digby Brown's personal injury solicitors, Mr N. made a claim against his employers and the case settled outside of court for £2,500.