Initial injury deteriorated causing Mr P. to give up work

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Mr P. was injured whilst at work. He was up a ladder collecting hay when the ladder slipped from under him causing him to fall to his injuries.

Impact of work accident

He experienced soft tissue injuries in his shoulder and leg. Initially these did not appear particularly significant but he went on to develop Compartment Syndrome which significantly restricted his movement in his leg and shoulder and he also developed depression.

Work accident claim

Initially he contacted Digby Brown but decided not to proceed with a work accident claim as he was worried about his employer's reaction.

His wife persuaded him to continue with the claim which was a good decision as his condition later deteriorated and he had to give up his work.

Early compensation payment of £5,000

Our specialist personal injury solicitors got him an interim payment of £5,000 from his employers' insurers to assist with his financial difficulties.

This can happen when liability is established and to help recovery after an accident and to ease financial pressures if the injured party is unable to work.

Work accident claim finally settled at £205,000

The case ran to pre trial meeting with both senior and junior counsel and eventually settled for a total of £205,000.