Insurers forced to pay for operation with injury claim

Traffic on motorway

Digby Brown Edinburgh office helped a woman injured in a road traffic accident on the M90 access the medical attention she needed after the accident along with compensation for her nightmare ordeal.

Injury claim for M90 road traffic accident

“I was heading home one Friday evening along the M90 when the traffic suddenly stopped dead. It went from 50mph to zero within seconds. The driver behind me ploughed into the back of my car and actually lifted the rear end of my car up and pushed me forward.

“It was very scary; everyone was shaken up by the accident. However, we were aware that tail backs were happening already as it was Friday night traffic. We called the police but because none of us seemed to be injured, we agreed to exchange contact details and go home.”

Injuries from road traffic accident

Our client initially suffered from minor whiplash and a sore hip. Her physio realised that as a result of the ankle damage, our client was actually experiencing referred pain to her hip. As time went on, it turned out that her ankle was the major issue.

Our client ran her own business so had to go straight back to work even though she was badly injured.

“I couldn’t walk properly, it was agony so exercise was out of the question and I put on a lot of weight over the months following the accident and as a result I had to buy new clothes. It made me feel uncomfortable in myself.”

“When it comes to driving, I’m still very aware of cars behind me and suffered from horrific dreams after the accident.

“But I just had to get on with it and drive everywhere until my ankle healed”.

Injury claim with Digby Brown

Our client tried to use her own private healthcare to fix her ankle but they couldn’t help so she went down the route of the NHS but it was a long process.

As she had switched insurers since the accident, her new insurers refused to pay anything and her old insurers said she was no longer covered.

“I was reluctant to claim as I feel we live in a compensation culture but I wanted my ankle fixed so decided to get in touch with Digby Brown.

“When I came to Digby Brown, things happened immediately. Gail was quite incredible; responsive, kept me fully informed, making sure everything was dealt with promptly and made the process very simple.”

Insurers forced to pay for operation

“Digby Brown made the insurance company pay for my ankle operation – it was amazing and has completely transformed my life.

“It’s unbelievable really – I have my life back. Before the accident, if I had to walk anywhere I was always worrying about how far I would need to walk. Now, after my operation, I am able to walk long distances comfortably and am regaining my prior fitness levels.”

Injury compensation for motorway accident three times the initial offer

The car insurers made an initial compensation offer of £7,500. Using our expert legal knowledge, we negotiated a compensation settlement of £27,000 – over three times the initial offer!

“The final outcome was just fantastic, it was what I wanted. Digby Brown sorted it all out, got me my operation along with compensation for my two years of hell.”

What would you tell others injured after a road traffic accident?

“I had to use Digby Brown in order to sort out my injuries caused from the accident. Private health care was useless and I would have had to wait longer with the NHS as I was understandably not an urgent case.

“I would urge anyone with a genuine claim to get legal help from a firm like Digby Brown.”