Inverness solicitors get the right medical evidence for injury claim

Car driving in the snow and fog

Mrs M sustained two fractures in her lower back when she was involved in a head on collision - through no fault of her own on an icy road near Boat of Garten shortly before Christmas.

English solicitors undervalue injury claim

Mrs M was referred to an English firm of solicitors following her road traffic accident. The solicitors obtained a short report from a General Practitioner in England and valued her injury claim at only £2,900.

This was clearly well under the true value of her case and she was unwilling to accept this valuation.

Furthermore, the solicitors had failed to take into account the other relevant impacts of her injuries, such as her loss of employability caused by the accident and compensation due as a result of the added help and assistance that Mrs M required following the accident.

Inverness injury lawyers at Digby Brown

After our Inverness based solicitors at Digby Brown had assessed the case, it was evident straight away that in order to fully quantify the value of the injury claim, reports were needed from a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and a Clinical Psychiatrist.

At Digby Brown Solicitors, we require all our clients to be examined by specialist medical experts to access the extent of their injuries from the accident. This is even more prudent where the client has sustained life-changing injuries such as Mrs M.

Court action to protect right to compensation

In Scotland, injured parties have three years to raise a claim against the person or organisation at fault. As it was close to the three-year time limit, our Inverness lawyers raised proceedings in the All Scotland Personal Injury Court in Edinburgh to protect our client’s right to compensation.

Mrs M would no longer be entitled to compensation if her case was not raised by the 3rd anniversary of the accident.

Once the court action was raised, the case was then sisted to allow our client the time to be seen by the right medical experts to properly value her case.

Expert medical evidence results in eightfold increase in compensation

Once our Inverness solicitors had finalised the reports, they disclosed them to the other driver’s insurers.

They immediately tendered an offer of £25,000 in compensation – more than 8 times the English solicitor’s valuation - which our client chose to accept.