Justice for injured Aberdeen woman after claims company says no

Older woman walking in Scotland

Linda, a 65-year-old Aberdeen woman, went to a local claims handling company for help after she was injured in a department store.

“I called the claims handling company as they were the first name that came to mind, they’re a well known Aberdeen name. The woman basically said she didn’t feel I had a very strong case at all and was very negative. I felt they thought it was too much work and not worthwhile for them as they wouldn’t make much money from it so they just brushed me off. I would never recommend them to anybody.”

Linda was injured after she tripped over a leftover security sensor left lying on the floor in a department store, hitting her head off the lift. The store manager offered no apology about what happened.

“I was very angry because I never heard anything back from the managers of the store nor did I heard anything from their head office. I was just ignored by them all, no apology about what happened. I did not want to get solicitors involved but I felt I had been left with no other option.”

Turned to Digby Brown Aberdeen lawyers for help

Upon contacting Digby Brown, our personal injury lawyers in Aberdeen reviewed the case and pursued the claim on Linda’s behalf. 

“The minute I spoke to Amy Shand in the Aberdeen office, it was an entirely different approach. Amy took note of everything, and had great attention to detail. Throughout the whole process, she kept in touch and would give me all the information I needed at every stage.

“Digby Brown are a much more professional company and I just think, why didn’t I go there in the first place?”

Department store could have prevented the accident

This was a clear health and safety breach as the store had removed the tall section of a security sensor but left the base fixed on the ground with no signage to warn people and to prevent an accident.

As a result, Linda suffered soft tissue damage was has left her with pain in her shoulder, hip and reduced movement in the left shoulder.

Department store admits fault for accident

After our lawyers raised the claim against the store, they admitted liability and took full responsibility for causing the accident.

Our Aberdeen team arranged for Linda to be seen by a consultant orthopaedic surgeon to investigate her injuries and the impact this had on her life, now and in the future. This provided essential evidence as to what was owed to Linda.

The insurers came back with an offer but our solicitors negotiated this upwards, settling the case for £6,250.

“When Amy came back with the first offer I was totally surprised that they were offering that amount of money. She advised she thought it was possible to get a little more for me and I was happy to wait as I wanted them to pay for the way they treated me. In the end, she got me an extra £500 which was great.

“The professionalism, knowledge and the way the case was handled was excellent. I would recommend anyone to go to Digby Brown – I already say to people ‘if I were you, I would go to Digby Brown’ wherever I can."