Knowing the law proves the difference in accident at work

Work health & safety

Our client worked as a research scientist and slipped on water next to a sink in her workplace.

After the accident, the client's employers placed a non-slip mat at the place she slipped to prevent other workers suffering from the same accident.

She suffered ligament injuries to the left knee and was off work as a result, and needed help from others with everyday tasks.

Employers deny liability for accident

Our client came to Digby Brown to make a claim against their employers for compensation.

Her employers denied liability for the accident so it was necessary to commence court proceedings to secure compensation, citing Regulation 12(3) of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992.

The defender's solicitors continued to deny liability until 4 days prior to the hearing of evidence.

Solicitors prove employers were at fault

Our solicitors were able to persuade the employer as to the correct interpretation of the regulation.

They then recognised that they were responsible for the accident as they could have put safeguards in place - like a non-slip mat - that would have prevented the accident at work.

The defenders' solicitors then made an appropriate and fair offer to settle the clients claim, which was happily accepted.